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Ethiopia and Sudan 2001 : Part 1 - Lake Tana and Gondar

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Travelling by bus is slow (max. approx. 300 km per day, no overnight routes to save time) and quite exhausting (bad state of roads).

But one can see a lot of nice and even beautiful local people, especially children.

Girls in school uniforms in Bahir Dar

A primary school in Bahir Dar has just been visited by "faraji" - foreigners (us). Better to run away fast...

Special (reed ?) "tankwa" boats on Tana lake

The material for "tankwa" boats

An almost completed boat

Raw sugar cane is a popular cheap "sweet" and can be bought almost everywhere.

Production of wicker trays in Bahir Dar - a nice town at Tana lake

Production of cloth in Bahir Dar - a nice town at Tana lake

Sunset at lake Tana

A boat that took us to 4 hours far away monasteries in the middle of the lake

Islands with monasteries are inhabited by monks who work hard to survive there. These monks are crashing dried peppers (see behind them) to make traditional Ethiopian spice.

The best looking monastery I've visited, this one is on a remote island in the middle of the lake. I was quite disappointed with these famous lake Tana monasteries because they seemed to be mainly big tourist business. Monks always required an  entrance fee to be paid if one wanted to look inside at some religious drawings (and not much more was there).

A religious book with a text in Amharic script and religious pictures from one of the monasteries on Tana lake.

A boy selling hens at the bus doors.

The old Portuguese bridge on the way from Tis Isat village to Blue Nil falls (they are called Tis Isat in Amharic which means "smoking water").

Blue Nil falls, about 20km from lake Tana

Blue Nil falls

On the way to Blue Nil Falls

Preparation of injara, the great Ethiopian traditional kind of bread in Tis Isat village near the falls. I really liked it. It tastes a bit sour and it's a bit damp (not completely dry like an ordinary bread). It is prepared on this big plate with a lid.

It is very thin, so it is finished in about 2 minutes I guess.

From Tis Isat village

Ruins at Gondar castle

Gondar castle

Fasilidas pool in Gondar

Trees around Fasilidas pool

Trees around Fasilidas pool


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