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Welcome to a site trying to inspire people for independent self-managed trips

 I love self-prepared, self-guided, self-supported trips. They offer the the greatest freedom of movement (no need to negotiate whether any support staff is willing to go somewhere at certain time), greatest flexibility and the lowest costs as well.

 Such travelling is more difficult to prepare and execute, so photos on this site try to inspire people enough to try it. Additional information and maps try to help with what's not often written in guidebooks, although it my become obsolete quickly. For the first 10 years I used to travel mostly to the area of ex-Soviet Union (ex-USSR). This is one of the most suitable areas for independent treks as there are no porters and almost no guides there anyway :-)

  When I started looking for other areas, I became fascinated by Yemen. It does not have much oil money, compared to other Arab countries, but it's the country where old great Arab hospitality and customs are best preserved nowadays. Although Nepal is a country of mass tourism, Himalayas and buddhist culture there create unique harmony, especially in less visited Tibetian areas like Dolpo. And if you don't want to see foreign tourists at all, apart from the capital, you can go to north eastern India, to very little visited Himalayas of Arunachal Pradesh. I like Ethiopia for it's diversity of nature and people (but not for behaviour of it's people). I found unexpectedly beautiful mountains and nice people in Colombia.

As I am getting old and lazy, my travelling is less of demanding trekking in remote areas and more of ordinary independent backpacking, like in Bolivia. Especially after starting with diving, I began to like Indonesia and especially Papua.



 Times of long treks probably seem to be over for me. Now it is time of family trips and canyoning. I almost ignored Europe for trips in last 20 years, but now it suits me well for both canyoning and family trips.