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Siberia 2002 - Part 4 - From Pobeda down to Sasyr village

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Just a stream...

A glen than forced us to leave the Kjuerter river for a while.



Descending the snow covered Kjuerter valley.

Mushrooms did not expect snow in July neither.

Descending slopes of big stones covered by snow was not pleasant at all.

Mountains seemed to be even more beautiful when covered with snow.

Well, sometimes there was quite a lot of snow that summer.

Buodakh massif with summer snow - everything look better, shapes of moutains are more distinct.

Drying of wet clothes in taiga.

There are more beautiful mountains than Pobeda (the highest one) in Buordakh massif.


Our march through taiga.

Another bear's footprint - now in the snow.

A beautiful lake near the ford across Tirekhtiakh river.

A beautiful lake near the ford across Tirekhtiakh river.

A moss circle.

Crossing of Tirekhtiakh river on the way to Saryr (we did not meet the people with katamaran for us). Tt was our fault as well, we were waiting at a wrong place most of the time. But katamaran was broken, so we would have to go to Sasyr for motor boat anyway.

The trekking was most demanding for our feet...

Horns of a precious mountain ram

A burnt forest on the way to Sasyr. Large areas of taiga forest burn every year. Year 2002 was especially bad in this way.

Buordakh massif, Pobeda mountain could be probably seen somewhere in the distance .

Just the grass...

Just the grass...

A house of horse breeders about 15 km south-west from Sasyr.

The tough Yakutian horse. It must survive minus 60° Celsius temperatures and even find grass under snow by itself. Only foals are being fed by people during winter.

The first horse breeders, that we met.

Around the horse breeders' house

A pole used for taming of horses.

A ford over Moma river on the way to Sasyr.


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