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Siberia 2002 - Part 2 - Trekking towards Buordakh massif

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The start of our trek in Burustakh valley - the place where our ZIL truck stopped because further the mud was too soft. We had to return from the valley of Andygachan river already, because water had been too high for ZIL. URAL truck would be better and it would pass through. Mosquitoes were present here from the beginning, you can see nets on our heads.

The first morning (in fact a night) of our trek. We were about 100 km to the south from the Polar Circle but there was almost no night there. We started early when it was still cold, with an assumption, that mosquitoes did not like the cold and we could avoid them at least for a part of the day. Well, they don't like temperatures below 5° Celsius but this was unfortunately the last cold morning for some time .

The usual concentration of mosquitoes. A net for the head and a repellent (Autan) for hands where necessary for survival.

The first lake below Ulakhan Chistai pass

A sign marking the beginning of Momsky National Park .

The sign serves as a place where people should sacrifice something to local gods.

Bear's footprints were frequently found but fortunately no bear appeared.

There are not many flowers in this area and this one is exceptionally nice.

Along the truck trail on the way to Buordakh ridge.

Along the truck trail on the way to Buordakh ridge.

We met just 3 groups of people during the first 2 weeks of trekking. One of them was local Even family from Sasyr spending summer holidays fishing near Buyunga lake.

A hut in the steppe near Buyunga lake. Wooden sledge can be seen stocked below it. About 5 km to the north from here there is probably the only place in this region where one can see a big reindeer herd in summer . There are not as many of these herds now as there used to be and they are either in mountains or far in the north during summer to avoid mosquitoes.



Nice small animal....

We met Alexander and his grandchildren on their way to pick mushrooms.







Smaller lakes on the way to Buyunga lake - good for fishing as well.

Fishing at Buyunga lake.



One of our catches. Fishing under the water was not very efficient, fishing on the water for trout-like fish was quite successful but nets were the most efficient of all.

Some catches from nets

The scenery was changing a lot during this trek

A place where trucks cross Tirekhtiakh river on the way to Sasyr. We saved some food here and continued along the lower parts of Buordakh massif to approach to Pobeda mountain.

A sign, that we built at the ford for people, who should have brought katamaran for us in about a week.

Along Burodakh massif on the trek to reach Kjuerter valley (for peak Pobeda)

A rest in taiga (or tundra maybe, it changes very quickly with the altitude, one can see it all in Chersky mountains)

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