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 Polar Ural 2003 - Part 2 : Towards the mountains, meeting with Nenets nomads

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Winds are strong on Polar Ural, so a wall from snow bricks should be built better then this...

We experienced a bad weather with snow and rain during the whole second day. While waiting in our,  Nenets arrived on their reindeer pulled sledges. Our mood was several times better suddenly.

They said they had tents about 8 km from us and invited us for a visit.
The weather was great from this day and we began to go accross neverending plains.

Camp of Nenets.
A tent of Nentes, called "chum".

The whole camp is moved using a sleigh pulled by reindeers. During winter, these nomadic Nenets stay in the south in taiga forests with plenty of wood. During spring, they move to the north, to Kara sea, where they stay during summer (there are fish there and it is not so warm there, warm + mosquitos are bad for reindeers).

Clothes and boots of Nenets are made of reindeer skins. Everything is decorated by colorful embroidered reindeer skin stripes on many places.



Even this boy has small reindeer skin trousers.

Childern packed in reindeer skin clothes are beautiful.

Inside the tent

Inside the tent

Polar Ural mountains

Heading towards Paier, the highest mountain (above the mist).

Heading towards mountains...

Heading towards mountains...


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