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  Turkestan ridge 2004 - Part 1 :  From Kalai Makhmud valley till Kshemish valley 

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Getting off our UAZik jeep in Daugman settlement at the start of Kalai Makhmud valley. The new road for car continued even a few km futher in our direction and then turned to Korgon/Zardaly.

Start of the trek in Kalai Makhmud valley.

In Kalai Makhmud valley

Our first meeting with local shepherds, consumption of their milk products. These product proved to be safe for our stomach, although we were afraid to consume them at the start of our trek.

Shepherds' children

Shepherds' children

Shepherds huts and Kalai Makhmud valley

Raygorodsky glacier at the end of Kalai Makhmud valley

Detail of monumental Raygorodsky glacier

The aim of this otherwise not very interesting photo is to show what I think should be pik Skalisty, the highest mountain of Turkestansky khrebet. We were separated by other ridges and did not have a better view of it. A bit lower and more beautiful Pik Pyramidalny in the main ridge is often considered to be the highest mountains of Turkestansky khrebet.

In the saddle Kudaktyr. This saddle can be reached by horses or donkeys.

Kara Kel Katta lake on the other side of the "Dvoynoy" saddle

Goats on the snow
Ascending the saddle "Dvoynoy" (Double in English).

The first saddle of the "Dvoynoy"
In the saddle "Dvoynoy". There are two saddles there in fact (according to the name) and this is the snow traverse between them.

Ksemish valley

Ksemish valley with peak Kshemish Bashi

Ksemish valley

Ksemish valley with peak Kshemish Bashi

Saddle "Shurovskogo" between Kshemish and Jiptik valleys. It seemed quite steep from the distance.

 But the ascent wasn't so bad in fact (even without crampons, but most of our group would apprecitate crampons here I guess).

Saddle "Shurovskogo"

Saddle "Shurovskogo"


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