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Central Asia 2000 : Part 2 - Along the Pamir Highway (Pamir, Tajikistan)

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One of our two ZIL trucks, my friends, drivers and another passenger (he was smuggling flour from Kyrgyzstan to Tajikistan in order to to exchange it for cattle there and to bring that cattle back to Osh)

Border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan on so called "Pamir highway" in 4282m high Kyzyl Art pass.

"Pamir highway" in Tajikistan. Border fence on Tajik-Chinese border can be seen on the left. New road is being build that should link "Pamir Highway" in Tajikistan with a road in China (called "Karakoram Higway" later in Pakistan).

On the "highway"

Some Kyrgyz jurtas along the road serve as "motels". There were no official hotels along the road in 2000.

Most of the people living in the northern part of Pamir are Kyrgyz

Inside the jurta "motel"

Inside the jurta "motel"

Murgab, main village of eastern Pamir

Tajik elders in Murgab



Inside Kyrgyz jurta

Alichur, village on "Pamir highway" in southern Pamir



Bulunkul - village about 4hrs of walking from the main road. This was start of our trek already.

Leaving Bulunkul for nearby Yashilkul lake


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