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  Nepal- Part 6 - Map for this journey

map of nepal

lower dolpo map

The best available map of Lower Dolpo has many smaller errors, fortunately there are not many other paths/routes  in Dolpo.
Better resolution here.

map of everest area 1

map of everest area 2

2 maps of Everest region
Better resolution for Everest area - Island Peak map, Gokyo map, Everest map. This is somewhere for internet, good for pre-departure planning (but I went with only them), but the maps use can by cheaply in every Kathmandu/Thamel bookstore are a bit better.

map of everest area 2

Annanapurna area - with my Jomosom part and Annapurna Sancturary part of the full Annapurna circuit marked.

 Better resolutioin here

makalu everest map

Illustrative  map for all Makalu to Everest trek (alias 3col trek as it crosses 3 high pases - East Col 6100m, West Col 6100m, Amphu Labtsa 5800m). Our planned unsupported trek (as I part of longer stay in Nepal) had to be cancelled unexpectedly before actually starting it after most of our future group was evacuated from Honku Khola valley (east under Merak Peak - there's no path there, although this illustrative map shows it, but better maps do not show it).
I wish very good luck to anyone planning to go there independently without support on the way (something in fact not legal in Nepal as of end 2007), just a few groups a year do it (always with guides and porters). The way this illustrative maps marks it as almost highway is quite remarkable, no path can be expected at all after Makalu BC. I may return to make it one day, but I would avoid the too commercial area of Lukla to Everest at all once I've been there already and finished over Mera La pass and straight to Lukla.

Detailed map of the 3 high passes area can be found here.

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