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Kyrgyzstan 1999 : Part 3 - The way to basecamp and Osh

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URAL truck (rebuilt for passenger transport) used for transportation of tourists in the mountains. It can go almost anywhere, e.g. through 1.5 m high water.

Restaurant in a jurta along the road from Osh to Sary Tash (the village with border guards).

Bus stop in Sary Mogol, the village where one turns up to the basecamp.

Road in Sary Mogol in the direction to Tajikistan.

Children in Sary Mogol
Children in Sary Mogol

Market in Osh - biggest outdoor market in Central Asia

Market in Osh

Kyrgyz with his national hat

Uzbeks drinking tea in Osh. There is maybe more Uzbeks than Kyrgyz in this Kyrgyz town. But clashes between them from 1990 are almost forgotten now.

Uzbeks drinking tea in Osh. Uzbeks are a more settled nation, drinking tea, in comparison with more nomadic Kyrgyz people (who live more in mountains). One can see almost only Uzbeks in the tearooms.

Market in Osh - meat section

One of traditional Kyrgyz meals - "manty". It is baked pasta filled with a not very well looking meat (see the previous picture).

A typical central Asian round bread called "lipyoshka" in Russian transcript.

Fried pieces of meat called "sashlik" are probably typical for whole ex-USSR area.

Typical Kyrgyz national hats are very cheap at the market in Osh (and more expensive in souvenir shops in Bishkek).


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