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 Kamchatka 2003 - Part 3 : From Tolbachik over Tumroks hot spring to Lazo village

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With elk's antlers

With necessary mosquito net

Approaching Pravy Tolbachik river
Unsuccessful fishing in Pravy Tolbachik river

Cleaning the net after fishing. We encountered mother bear with 3 child bears here. This was the last place with some path for next several days.

On the way fro Levy Tolbachik to Berezovy pass. Almost no path. No path at all later.

Me fording Levy Tolbachik river

Fording Levy Tolbachik river

Hunter's hut at Berezovy brook
Hunter's hut at Berezovy brook

Berezovy pass, bad weather had started already. This could be a beautiful place in better weather.

On the way from Berezovy pass to the bridge over Levaya Shapina river. Constant rain, millions of mosquitos and miggies, swamps, high wet grass...nothing pleasant to sum it up.

Blueberries everywhere...

Swamps close to the bridge over Levaya Shapina river.

And the bridge, finally, after 3 days of walking in rain (from Pravy Tolbachik river), with no path, over swamps, through high grass and dense forests.

On the way from the bridge to Tumroks

Kizimen volcano in clouds, from Tumroks

Hot springs pools at Tumroks. What a pleasure after our unpleasant trek!

This hut was our home at Tumroks. Modern hotel buildings for rich tourist coming by helicopters were being built there during that summer.

Along the nice path from Tumroks to Lazo village. Kizimen volcano in the distance.
Huts on the way from Tumroks to Lazo.

A very old bus of Kronotsky NP in Lazo, used as all terrain vehicle! It must have been more than 40 years old.

Teacher from Lazo. Not all original nations of Kamchatka are different from Europeans by sight. He's Itelmen. The other nations - Evens, Evenks and Koryaks are more different by sight.

Shop in Lazo.

Ferry between Lazo and Atlasovo


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