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Ethiopia and Sudan 2001 : Part 5 - Sudan

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A bus from Khartoum to Merowe (for Karima pyramid site)

Along the road

Pyramids in Karima

Pyramids in Karima

Pyramids in Karima

Pyramids in Karima

Jebel Barkal - a sacred mountain near pyramids

Some pillars under Jebel Barkal

Jebel Mara - an extinct volcano in western Sudan (Darfur mountains) near the town of Nyala. What looks like some grass on this photo is around 2 meters high in fact. I should have asked somebody about the path because my path suddenly disappeared and I got lost in the high sharp grass.

In the village near Jebel Mara. The high grass is used as fence and to build huts as well.

People weaving the long grass into something like a thick carpet which could be used as a fence e.g.

Some shelter

Sudanese children

Sudanese children

Typical Sudanese man wearing simple white Muslim clothes.

Another Sudanese man eating sugar cane

Sudanese women dress more colorfully, especially in western Sudan.

Going on the truck back from Jebel Mara to Nyala

My friends in Khartoum

Barrels with water in the streets of Khartoum


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