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Ethiopia and Yemen 2006 - Part 6 - Map of this journey

Ethiopia and Yemen


Detail of Haraz and Jebel Bura mountains from Russial military series map (1:200 000). One can see that Jebel Bura is just maybe 20 km diretly from much visited Haraz. Approach is from Bajil (shorter way from Sanaa) or from Mansuria. Coming to green valley, it's about 3 hours walking up to the ridge and saddle. Or mostly asphalt road (apart from last few kms) leads directly to the Jebel Bura mountains ridge and saddle. This map in better resolution here. One could obviously trek down from Haraz, over the maybe 10km wide wadi with road to Jebel Bura from east (dry) side, about 3 days. We originally wanted to do that, but were short of time.



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