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Khan Tengri 2001 : Part 3 - To camp 3, up and back to basecamp

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Just below camp 2

Camp 2 at about 5200m.

View from camp 2 down. Peak Pobeda can be seen as the highest mountain on the horizon.

View from camp 2 down

View from camp 2 down

Camp 3 at about 5900m, built on the northern side of the 6000m high pass to be safe against strong winds. People ascending to the pass from northern (Kazakstan) side usually use snow caves right under the pass.

View from camp 3 to the peak Chapayev. People coming from northern (Kazak) side come from this direction a bit on the opposite side of the ridge I think.

Khan Tengri peak from camp 3

Ascent to the summit along fixed ropes

Ascent to the summit along fixed ropes. I finished approximately in the middle of this picture in altitude of about 6750m. Lack of energy combined with lack of will while ascending alone was stronger than me.

Small place on the main ridge in the altitude of about 6400m where it is possible to put up 2 tents. This could shorten the final demanding ascent a lot but it is dangerous as well because of weather changes (and it can be occupied already).

Maida Adyr helicopter landing place

Farewell party in BC with great guys from New Zealand

Farewell party in BC with great guys from New Zealand


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