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Khan Tengri 2001 : Part 1 - Short trek and the way to the basecamp

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A short trek from Altyn Arashan settlement (about 20 km from Karakol) to Ala Kol pass (3860m)

Walking up to the pass to spend an acclimatization night there before flying to Khan Tengri basecamp (at 4000m)

Ala Kol lake on the opposite side of Ala Kol pass

Ala Kol pass

Ala Kol pass

Ala Kol pass

A church in Karakol

A church in Karakol

A hostel of Valentin Derevyenko - a nice tourist oasis in Karakol

Leaving by a truck from Karakol to the Maida Adyr helicopter landing place.

Great MI - 8 MTV helicopter. For these altitudes (around 4000m) is it usually loaded with approx. 2500 kg. It can fly to 6000m high pass below Khan Tengri as well.

Above Southern Inylchek (or Engilchek) glacier

Landing at the basecamp

Remains of some tent or maybe a hut in the basecamp - our dining and gathering room

Our helicopter landed in the middle of the glacier and dropped most of the people about half an hour of walking from BC (landing at BC landing place is not so safe maybe).

A basecamp of Dostuk Trekking company (we arranged the helicopter with them). There are about 2 basecamps on this southern side of Southern Inylchek glacier (Khan Tengri side) and about 2 places of northern side (Peak Pobeda side).


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