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Caucasus 1998 : Part 2 - Short trekking in Elbrus area and in Northern Ossetia

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Adyl-Su valley

"Green hotel" place in Adyl-Su valley

A pretty cold ford

Mountain goats in Adyr-Su valley

A pass between Adyl-Su and Adyr-Su valley

A morning with a hangover from last night's vodka....one bottle still can  be seen.

Boys training some karate...quite a contrast with us.

Towards Kazbek in Northern Ossetia

Under Kazbek in Northern Ossetia

Hot springs under Kazbek

Hot bath with view at mountains around

"Town of dead" - a kind of medieval cemetery in Dargavs village in Northern Ossetia.

Typical Caucasian guard tower in Northern Ossetia

Lower mountains on the border of Northern Ossetia (Russia) and Southern Ossetia (Georgia).

Trekking towards the tunnel linking Northern Ossetia with Southern Ossetia

Just some mountain


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