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Caucasus 1998 : Part 1 - To Elbrus

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A first class compartment from Kiev to the spa town of Pyatigorsk reminded us times when Pushkin traveled there.

Fish is popular everywhere in Russia ....

Military service is not easy in Russia

One of the military posts in the valley under Donguz Orun. One can at least put up a tent safely in their neighbourhood.

Going up from Terskol.

Donguz Orun and Nakra Tau, great mountains with great names.

Acclimatization ascent to Small Donguz Orun; Elbrus can be see behind us.

Glacier from Elbrus

Elbrus in the glasses.

Just above Terskol, the last village in Baksan valley.

Another Elbrus

On the rocks below Priljut 11 chalet.

On the glacier

Going up from the cable-way. Priljut 11 chalet can be seen on the left. The main aluminum part burnt down in August 1998, approximately 1 month before we arrived there.

Usba massif (in the center) from Prijlut 11.

An ascent to Elbrus

On the top of Elbrus

A remnant of WWII in Terskol


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